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Malux presents a world new GSM-R charger with call forwarding function!

Malux presents a new invention within GSM-R, a charger with call forwarding function. Developed as a safety accessory for train cabins, easy to combine with a 8W terminal a handheld device. We will make the world presentation of the product at the Innotrans fair 2012, 18-21 September in Berlin!

The description of our latest technical product for the 8W train communication market is a charger with call forwarding function mixed in the same device, says Jonas Fridolfsson, technical GSM-R specialist at Malux.

The brand new CH2000 is a reliable way of forwarding calls between cradle and handheld. When the train cabin radio recognizes a new handheld in the cradle, the cradle automatically sends the phone number to the 8W cab radio system.

The phone number is saved in the train cab radio memory as long as the handheld is in use with this specific cradle. When the handheld is in portable use and detached from the cradle, the phone number is forwarded to the handheld and stays in memory even outside the train cabin area!

This unique call forwarding feature gives more flexibility in daily use for the lone worker, and is of great help in emergency situations outside the train cabin area. The CH2000 together with the cabin radio system constantly check the active handheld to avoid that phone numbers get mixed up, for example when the staff in the cabin shifts, says Jonas Fridolfsson.

We recommend CH2000 for safety reasons! Please come visit us at Innotrans 2012 in Berlin.

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Malux expands for continued growth!

To meet our customer’s needs and to fulfill our future goals, we have set a new organization. Our mission is to reach a turnover of 50 MEur in turnover by the year of 2015, says Jörgen Schulze, owner of the Malux Group. 

From the 17 ‘th of January 2011, Per Nordgren, 44, former president and CEO of Hägglunds Drives AB, will start as Chairman and operationally responsible at the Malux Group. Bengt Norell, 50, formerly Marketing Manager at Hägglunds Drives AB will begin as President of Malux Sweden AB, which is the group's largest sales company. 

Our goals are to strengthen our position on the market with closer customer relations and to expand our international sales. Our key success factors for continued growth are strong supply relations, sourcing relations and customer relations trough our skilled and ambitious employees, says Jörgen Schulze. 

Malux is an industrial group with special expertise in emergency lighting, underwater lighting, vandal lighting, explosion protected equipment, vehicle communication and train communications. The Malux Group had a turnover of about 30 MEur and had 115 employees during 2010.