TrainTalk™ system from Malux

The TrainTalk™ system sets a new standard for reliable railway communication. This cost-efficient 2W-system offers quick and flexible installation for engines and other vehicles throughout the railway area. It is designed for easy installation in existing or new engine fleets.

Plug n' Talk solution: The installation of a TrainTalk™ module has been made so easy that it is just plug in and talk, says Hans-Olov Sondell (Sales GSM-R solutions at Malux).

The TrainTalk kit has a modular design, which enables the system to be optimally installed in a variety of railway cabs, of different generations, as well as in maintenance vehicles in the railway area, says Hans-Olov Sondell.

Quality and EU-standards; The GSM-R TrainTalk™ is designed for reliable railway communication. Therefore all components are meeting higher industry standards and of course the TrainTalk system is designed is compliant with the EN 50121-3-2 (2006) and EN 50121-4 (2006) standards.

Flexible and cost efficient: If the TrainTalk™ enclosure does not suit the application in its original state, components such as phone or cradle, volume control, PTT-button and handset can be installed separately as free-standing units, making TrainTalk installation very flexible. The TrainTalk product range also includes an enclosure for rack installation! 

GSM-R handsets: While originally designed for Sagem TiGR 350/550R GSM-R phones, the TrainTalk system can also be modified for other GSM-R phones. Other cradles are available on demand.

Installation and service friendly; The TrainTalk™ is an installation and service friendly concept; because all parts are changeable (quick connectors) and only a short stop is needed for installation or service.

Reference: The Finnish railway organization VR-Group Ltd has since 2010 approx. 1.280 pcs of TrainTalk™ GSM-R communication devices in their railway engines and maintenance vehicles on the railway area.

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