The new GuideLed CGLine emergency lightings!

The new GuideLed CGLine emergency lightings! Malux is launching a serie of emergency lighting products in Northern Europe. GuideLed is an environmentally friendly alternative for emergency lighting. The new lithium-ion batteries are completely free of toxic heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, says Håkan Lundström (Sales Manager Lighting at Malux). 

Less energy is consumed! The new batteries means that it takes less energy to recharge. In combination with the efficient LED technology with 3-chip, the power consumption of a GuideLed emergency lighting takes up to 60% less energy than for comparable independent luminaires with fluorescent lamps, says Håkan Lundström.

GuideLed has a snap holder for easy battery replacement! In order to simplify parts management in the GuideLed CGLine serie, there are two batteries with snap holders. One for the reference lighting and one for the emergency lighting.

Saving costs! Improved handling of spare parts for reduced maintenance costs is important for us that works with emergency lighting systems. Malux is in the forefront of the introduction of the future of emergency lighting in Northern Europe.

Long distance! GuideLed emergency lightings are available for wall or ceiling mounting, both recessed and surface mounted. The asymmetric version can handle up to 29.8 m between the luminaires at a mounting height of 8.5 m and the symmetric version can handle 12.5 meters at a mounting height of 4 meters. -This means fewer luminaires, giving shorter assembly time and easier maintenance work, says Håkan Lundström. 

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