The history about Malux

The Malux Group was founded in 1961 by Helmut Schulze. Back then the company was named El-Centralen and was specializing in electrical installation products.

Malux lighting

Through contacts with manufactures in Germany the company became the technical sales distributor in areas such as explosion-proof products, pneumatic tube systems, underwater lightings and measurement products. 

During the year of 1972 the Malux Elektro AB was formed with an emphasis on imports and exports of electrical products. The former El-Centralen business was transferred to another owner.  

Since Malux also had sales in Finland, the first subsidiary was started in 1979: Oy Scan Malux AB. At about the same time, the first branchoffice and warehouse was started in Trelleborg for rational relations with the continent and the world, since the sales had increased gradually.  

Jörgen Schulze joined the company in 1977 and bought the shares of Malux Elektro AB in 1982. During the 80's the Norwegian offshore market required local representation, Malux Norway A/S was formed.  

The time was right to expand the sales program of telecommunication equipment, Telemekano AB (Stockholm) was acquired and was named Malux Telemekano AB. 

In 1989 Malux wrote an agreement with ABB, ABB discontinued their sales of explosion-protected equipment in Västerås. The entire warehouse and general agency was transferred to Malux. By the expansion it became necessary to have sales capacity in the Stockholm and Gothenburg regions and branch offices was established there. 

During 1990 the subsidiary Malux Data AB was founded. 1999 an agreement with Allgon (Smarteq) was signed and Malux became their technical distribution partner of antennas in Scandinavia. 

During 2006, Malux took the next step towards becoming an even more efficient and accessible business by merging Malux Electro AB and Malux Tele AB to a dedicated sales and distribution company, Malux Sweden AB. The mother Malux AB handles finance, IT and human resources functions. 

In autumn 2007, Malux bought Accenta AB. With this acquisition the Malux Group has the widest range of emergency lighting products on the market. 

During 2011 it was decided to streamline the Malux Group. Malux Data was sold. A process of focusing on our core business focus started. The Malux Group works with products in four business areas, Industrial/Ex, Lighting, Communications and Security.